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Ayose and Emo: Motivate yourself to be passionate

Interview by @LoretoSocorro

Ayose with "s" is a man of various talents who faces the SLR camera with a certain shyness but who has developed a project, novel and necessary, full of courage.

What is "EMO, The Explorer"?

"EMO is a personal development product and is defined in one thought: Your talent, your destiny. My goal is for people to get to know each other so that they can find out what they are good at in order to achieve success, understanding as success, not making money but doing what you are passionate about. "

EMO is also a character, how did it come about?

"He was born because he wanted to have a protagonist for the management of emotions and creativity while he worked at the Elder Museum communication agency. There were school visits and I created EMO to accompany the girls and boys during the tour, with free play and imagination as star tools. "

And he still lives outside the Elder Museum ...

"Necessary. Emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence to function in life and develop social skills, knowing how to handle yourself ... "

Does it have something to do with the Emocrea school subject?

"This character is tested in several schools and is a tool for that subject.

It has been taking shape because in the beginning he was very much like a clown and, it is true that the character is very much like a clown, so that the schoolchildren can relax and take their things outside. "


Does EMO work for all ages?

"With the little ones I am EMO from the beginning, but with the older ones I take off my wig and speak to them in a different way. In a 5th grade class, I explained to them what I was going to do in Ayose's dress -of me- and I asked them if they wanted to see me dressed as Emo and they said yes. This led me to a dialogue about my shyness and to detect different emotional profiles in the classroom. Many clichés emerged and while we were talking, at the same time, we were looking for the why of each thing. The whole class was involved, giving their opinion and feeling like a protagonist. I made them think about why someone is bored, withdrawn, or upset in class. It is personal development through character. "

Are you an educational coach?

"Well, yes, I like to think that I am a leadership coach, so that everyone knows that I am betting on her or him. My message is that I accompany you so that you grow and this is for schoolchildren and, in general, for anyone. Although when I work with school children, I do it through the management of emotions, graphotransformation and improvisation. All of these are tools for self-knowledge. "

Self-knowledge from such an early age?

"If we start working on it with children, they will already grow up being aware of their talents, which are 10, and we do not know them because they are never talked about. Look at how important this becomes when, at 17 years old, you have to decide what you are going to study, but you don't mature until you are at least 24 years old. "

Ayose puts on the button straps, the wig -designed for the EMO project- while giving a generous smile.

You have named the graphotransformation ...

"I am doing coaching courses focused on nerocaligraphy and I have found that through writing, you can make changes in emotional intelligence by almost 300 percent. It's called graphotransformation and it consists of changing your life with changes in your handwriting. It is not about changing the whole letter but some words or how you write specific letters. "


And the improvisation, how does it affect the project?

"I use improvisation by putting active listening into practice. Let students know that when I am here, I am listening to you, you have my full attention and that they imitate it. Active listening is going for emotional support and listening with empathy. Also to flow. "

Do you define that "flow"?

"If I arrive at a place and everything is not as I expected or an unexpected situation comes upon me… I adapt to what is there. Now this is booming because with what has happened to us, those who have not improvised have not been able to flow, get carried away and move on. If you learn not to fight against the current, you have more power over yourself. "

How do you work this with girls and boys?

"In the project he is very practical, using objects and developing his imagination. We are working on the fly with a piece of paper where they are assigned a role that nobody expects and likes because improvising is life. That's how easy they train to see alternatives in real life.

What has all this contributed to you on a personal and professional level?

"I had a break in my life and I learned this: Stop, organize and you will win. It wasn't until I stopped that I started working on what I wanted.

What it has given me is that I already have my life purpose, although I also understand that what we are passionate about does not have to be of interest to others. And it can even be a problem for some sectors of society. "


Why bring EMO closer to the classroom?

"Because learning to manage emotions is the best way to get to know yourself and children learn with emotion, with play. Anyone who knows himself knows what his talent is and as I have already said: Your talent is your destiny. "

Are we adults in time to find our talents?

"Always. Being aware of handicaps is an open door, a very good resource because it indicates that it is not your fault, it is not your strength, it is your weakness, and focus on what we do best. You can always start over. Sometimes you know that your site is not where you are but you follow and force the machine. For things to happen, the phoenix must come out of you. Burn and be reborn from your ashes. "

With that image of being reborn and reinventing ourselves, we say goodbye, grateful to have crossed paths with Ayose and excited about her project "EMO, El Explorador".

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