What is it?

Salt from the Atlantic - Canarian Magazine

How was the project born?

Get out of the Atlantic, saldelatlantico.com is a digital Canarian magazine.

Mission: Giving a Voice by uniting ideas and talents, learning from each other, showing that a better society is possible.

Vision: Work to make visible the traditions, crafts, culture, Canarian gastronomy, recipes, young talents, entrepreneurs ... 

Values: This is a public vocation service in which we help socially to feel the island's heartbeat.

Temporality: monthly

Press Sections:

We have created the following press sections:

  • Talent Universe
    • Human energies
    • Transforming the world
    • Imagine the world
    • Words
  • Island Heartbeats
    • Tradition
    • Crafts
    • Canarian cooking recipes
    • Island Products
    • Canarian landscapes
  • Canary Islands
    • What to see and do in the Canary Islands
    • Tours
    • Activities at sea
    • Magic Corners

From my experience as an entrepreneur at ISLAS SEM, I realized that it was necessary to support new talents who are putting their entrepreneurial ideas into motion.

The magazine arises to "give voice" in the digital media. From ISLAS SEM we do SEO, SEM, Adwords, Social Networks, Web, Online Stores, Data Protection, Information Security and this benefit is reflected in the strategies of "SAL DEL ATLÁNTICO".

Imagine the world with another illusion.

Human team:

Julie Socorro: Manager, Advertising, Webmaster, @islassem

Yaiza Socorro: Photographer, Videos, Instagram Social Media, Content Creator  @yaizasocorro

Loreto Socorro: Oral narrator, writer. Words. @loretosocorro

Social networks: