Visit Santa Lucía de Tirajana - The historic center and its surroundings

What does Santa Lucía de Tirajana (old town) have that other places in Gran Canaria don't have?

Gran Canaria is green, if you like to feel the rainwater and enjoy the palm groves, the old town of Santa Lucía de Tirajana in winter is an ideal place for people who want to live the experience of knowing the corners of Gran Canaria just as the locals live it.

The roads to get there are those of Temisas and Los Cuchillos. The Temisas highway is friendly, with wide sections and a landscape that is enjoyed throughout the route. If you also go up to Santa Lucía, to the town, at night ... you will discover that Temisas is a portal of Bethlehem. The experience seduces the traveler.

The road of Los Cuchillos has history carved in its stones, from the aborigines who extracted the stone from the mill to grind the millet and obtain the gofio, to the pastoral narrowness of the local who used this easement to reach the rest of the corners of the city. Island.

The road from Tejeda to Santa Lucía… is a route that lends itself to enjoying the Roque Nublo and with luck in times of abundant rain you can see waterfalls in La Plata, before reaching Tunte.


Crossing the heart of the island's history through Santa Lucía de Tirajana and being filled with the fullness of this haven of peace where people's soul wanders through their bodies is an experience that every traveler must pack in their luggage before leaving. of the islands.

What to see in Santa Lucía, the old town and its surroundings?

The archaeological site of the Ansite Fortress, The Guriete viewpoint, The Sorrueda Dam, La Caldera, The Church of Santa Lucía ...

We are going to describe the jewels of this territory where you can also stay in their rural houses, discover the craftsmanship of the hand of the basket maker Juan Ramírez, a person who will open the doors of his workshop to you.


Deserved is to sit down and enjoy in the bars and restaurants in the area, after arriving in town. Since you can try the traditional dishes.

On Leopoldo Matos street, you will find the artisan bakery in the area, with millet breads and other varieties, as well as delicious almond sweets, typical local mantecados.

How to get to La Presa de la Sorrueda in Gran Canaria, Santa Lucía de Tirajana

La Sorrueda is near the town, it is a palm grove that has a natural resource of vegetation and water during most of the year. The beauty and the moment that allows you to disconnect to start feeling like part of the water, a palm tree or the fresh breeze connects you fully with nature. Breathing the purity of the air transforms you and you will only notice the pollution, when after two or three days of living here, you return to the city.


The meeting of feelings and emotions in Santa Lucía, in the historic center and its surroundings

By now you will have connected your being with nature, air, water, earth and sun. You will have tasted the bread, the Canarian cooking recipes islanders and you are already beginning to be connected with the place where we have gone on an excursion. In every trip it is important to blend in with the locals and their living space. Culture, beliefs, wisdom and the inner peace that they feel is seasoned with this habitat that as a hiker you begin to internalize.

Map to get to La Presa de la Sorrueda

The Ansite Fortress and its Interpretation Center


For more than two thousand years, human beings created their way of life here. It is a "stop along the way" as the people of Santa Lucia would say, a necessary stop to delve into the history of the Canary Islands. The guided visits to the Museum of the Fortress, we share them in this link: STRENGTH.

Popular Festivities of Santa Lucia, historic center

The festivities of Santa Lucía, the historic center, are the last popular festivals on the island of Gran Canaria. December 13 is the day of Saint Lucia and the Swedish Lucia. Neighbors have been organizing one of the most beautiful parties on the island for decades.

The Sunday following the Santa Lucía festival, the Los Labradores pilgrimage is held. On this day, people dress up as pilgrims and the carts that run through the streets of the town offer the traditional concoction, cheeses and typical products of the land.


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Visit Santa Lucía de Tirajana - The historic center and its surroundings

What does Santa Lucía de Tirajana (old town) have that other places in Gran Canaria don't have? Gran Canaria is green, ...
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