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Christmas Basket Raffle Local Product & Canarian Crafts

Christmas Basket Raffle of Local Product & Canarian Crafts that we have known in different parts of the island of Gran Canaria, thanks to the reports and interviews of the Canarian Magazine, SAL DEL ATLÁNTICO.

Raffle Date: December 21, 2022



  • The Lagar de Valleseco: Semi-dry sparkling natural cider – Gold Medal 2022, awarded with three medals in cider competitions
  • The Lagar de Valleseco: Brut sparkling natural cider – Gold Medal 2022, awarded with three medals in cider competitions
  • FRP Wineries: Natural organic Niebla cider – awarded in 2021 and 2022 in cider competitions – Valleseco
  • FRP Wineries: Cider Niebla natural sparkling brut – awarded in 2021 and 2022 in cider competitions – Valleseco
  • Cardon era: semi-cured cheese – Silver Medal World Cheese Awards 2022 with the cured cheese
  • Salt Flats MouthCrab: Wet Sea Salt – From traditional mud salt pan – Agüimes
  • Salt Flats MouthCrab: Flor de Sal – Best Innovation, image and presentation official contest of agricultural sea salts 2021 – Agüimes
  • Soli2 Bakery: Polvorones baked by hand in the bakery of the Ecological Market of Valleseco "EcoValles"
  • Apiary the Violet: Artisanal Flower Honey from Gran Canaria, Moya and Telde
  • PepeOil: Ghost Peper – seasoning prepared from extra virgin organic olive oil and chilli pepper, Maspalomas – San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • PepeOil: Ghost Peper Salt – virgin sea salt macerated with ghost pepper – La Data Mountain – San Bartolomé de Tirajana
  • fire mill: Millo-based gofio – Great Gold Medal and best local grain gofio from the Canary Islands in the Agrocanarias 2022 gofio contest, Telde
  • fire mill: Cake, Telde
  • Canary Islands Chef Select: Fresh broccoli sprouts, local organic product – Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Vecindario
  • Canary Islands Chef Select: Fresh sprouts of Sango Radish, organic local product – Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Vecindario


  1. Make a Bizum: 645 152 805
  2. €2 per number unit to buy
  3. In the Bizum, put in the concept: your mobile number or your email
  4. Once we receive the Bizum, you will be notified at that telephone number or email so that you can download your number on this web page, once we confirm the Bizum and we will register our technologies so that you can download the number
  5. Once we notify you: enter this link: https://saldelatlantico.com/confirma-sms?web_url=rifa-cesta-navidad
  6. Enter your mobile number or email (the one you have entered in the Bizum concept)
  7. You will receive a code by SMS on your mobile or in your email, once you enter it on this web page
  8. Enter your code on this same web page
  9. Once you enter the code, your numbers will be downloaded
  10. Read the terms and conditions: https://saldelatlantico.com/rifa-cesta-navidad-2022


  1. If you do not put your phone number or your email in the Bizum concept, we will not be able to identify you so that you can download your number for the Christmas basket raffle
  2. So, contact us by email: darvoz@saldelatlantico.com and you will be attended so that you can download your number for the raffle



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Christmas Basket Raffle Local Product & Canarian Crafts

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