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Gran Canaria I Like 2022, the ¡Ay que rico! and the tastings

The “Gran Canaria Me Gusta” 2022 Fair, which takes place from April 29 to May 01 at the Infecar Fairgrounds in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a meeting point where consumers and producers come face to face again.

The success of this year's Fair of Gran Canaria Me Gusta could be seen coming, since in this last year a great effort has been made to bring the local product closer through the Agricultural Markets of Gran Canaria.

Every local product begins in a land that is as volcanic as it is magical, where people with hard effort till the land and day by day face the weather, pests and nature to later be able to give life to the island flavors.

Mercados Agrícolas Gran Canaria participates in this fair with a beautiful stand with fruits and vegetables from our island. Mari Carmen explains to us with a smile about the local product, the healthy and natural diet of the crops of our land. She accompanies us with a basket of her selection, to the beautiful photocall with all the products of Gran Canaria and each of its municipalities.


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Cortijo de Caideros cheese factory, Gáldar, with the tasting of its cheeses, is a stand that no visitor should miss. The essence, flavor, and texture of the Flor cheese is in its vegetable rennet that comes from the thistle flower.

The elaboration of the Flor cheese is made with the flower of wild thistle collected and dried, which is used as vegetable rennet. This gives the cheese an indescribable and unique flavor. Gran Canaria flower cheese has its own identity. In addition, within the flavors that you are going to try at this fair, Gran Canaria Me Gusta, you can taste different cheeses from all the municipalities of the island, which have prizes, which are marketed nationally and internationally. Cheeses that are made respecting the traditions of Canarian families. It is worth going to this fair to enjoy INFECAR.

Boanva Canarias is a new catering that cultivates the land of Tejeda obtaining a local product with which it prepares the dishes.


The “local product” and “gastronomy” Fair is accompanied by exhibitions by cooks/chefs such as Dabiz Muñoz, from the DiverXo restaurant with his presentation “Vanguardia o Morir” or the pastry chef Aser Martín from the Tabaiba Restaurant with his presentation “La dulzura of the territory» and other great chefs who use Canarian products in their kitchens and/or want to know them to include them in their wonderful restaurant menus. Matteo Pierazzoli from Embarcadero Restaurant and José Luis Espino from Bevir Restaurant will share their tricks. Juanlu Fernández from the restaurant «LÚ, Cocina y Alma» will treat these days with a product of the sea such as sea bass.


To enjoy Gran Canaria Me gusta, you still have a long weekend ahead where we encourage families to participate and for their sons and daughters to discover the Canarian product in the children's workshops. They will also be able to enjoy the Orígenes Professional Sessions, local and guest gastronomic exhibitions. Today will be the delivery of the prizes for the 2021 honey contest. Other contests are also held, such as the regional sommeliers of the Canary Islands and thus an endless number of activities related to the primary sector.


Article written by Julia Socorro, @islassem

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